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caf1301 electrocoagulation of runoff wastewater     

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Freshwater Usage and Wastewater Utilization at Texas High Plains Open Corral Dairies   A two-year study of water usage at a Texas High Plains dary has found that on average, total water use was 234 L hd-1 d-1, while average drinking water consumption was 76 L hd-1 d-1. Of the total used, 27% was reused for crop production. This data provides guidance for water planning authorities.  

Water Use by Western Kansas Dairies   Among eight dairies located in western Kansas, freshwater usage was 35% less in those using a drylot system compared to freestalls.   

Numerical Simulation of the Air-Mist Spray Chilling of Beef Carcasses for Conservation of Water Usage   Spray impaction higher than 95% occur when spraying droplets larger than 0.040 mm from a distance of 0.15 m or larger than 0.060 mm from a distance of 0.3 m. Cooling enhancement 5 times that of air occurs for droplets between 0.010 and 0.020 mm.  

Last Modified: 04/22/2012