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Economic Assessments and Impacts (Micro & Macro)

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eai1301 economic and policy implications of water usage     

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Impacts of the Ethanol Industry on the Southern Ogallala Region   Ethanol plants in the Southern Ogallala generate considerable economic activity in local economies. Comparison of socioeconomic benefits for the production of ethanol versus irrigated crop production using equivalent water resources indicates that ethanol production generates much larger employment.  

Economic and Policy Implications of Underground Water Use in the Southern Ogallala Region-FY07 (Objectives EAI 1.3.d).   Some form of long term water use restriction is necessary in order to achieve meaningful water savings. Adoption of improved biotechnology or irrigation technology without restrictions will not save water. Temporary restrictions have little impact in the long run and should not be pursued.  

Economic and Policy Implications of Groundwater   A two-year study on groundwater utilization in Southern Ogallala Aquifer indicates that without policy intervention, the regional average level of saturated thickness would decrease more than 50% and most irrigated cropland would be converted to dryland by the end of the 60-year planning horizon.   

Last Modified: 04/22/2012